This Butch Reviews the RodeoH Boxer

If you’ve been paying any attention to the world of queer sex accessories for the past year (and, I mean, who hasn’t?), you’ve no doubt heard a lot of buzz about a little company that goes by the name of RodeoH. I first read about this scrappy up-and-comer (pun fully intended) on Autostraddle – which, consequently, has a great new interview this week with the company’s founder.

For the uninitiated, RodeoH’s whole shtick is comfy, colorful undies that look totally hot and, oh yeah, are also harnesses. That’s right, bois and grrrls: gone are the days of awkwardly adjusting 50 different straps mid-sex or chafing your sensitive spots against huge metal buckles and rings. RodeoH makes strapping on as easy as pulling up your drawers!


Not to sound too much like a late-night Skinemax infomercial, but you guys, I was seriously excited to get my hands and other bits on a pair of these. Unfortunately, I had to wait a while for the boxer design to come out, because I personally couldn’t get down with the panty or brief cuts. But maybe you can! Diversity is good and sexxxy, so you do you (while also doing an enthusiastically consenting partner).

My main concern when ordering my RodeoH boxer was that it would be too loose to give me the kind of control needed to be, well, effective. A floppy cock is not an ideal cock, after all. The website suggests that you order a size smaller than you wear in normal undies, so since I wear a size 38, I ordered their 33-35 boxer. That worked very well for me; it wasn’t so tight that it cut off circulation below the waist (which would have been a real boner killer), but it was tight enough to keep me standing firmly at attention.

I paired my boxer with the Mark O2 by Tantrus, which is a great cock that shares its name with one of Iron Man’s armors. Though most review sites I’ve seen recommend using a smaller cock than that, I’ve always been of the “go big or go home” mindset. I wouldn’t go any bigger than that, however, since it seemed like my Mark O2 was toeing the line of how much weight the boxer could support.

The RodeoH feels a little different while in use than your traditional harness, because the O-ring sits higher on the crotch than most other designs. You may need to adjust your technique accordingly, but trust me, it’s a very easy adjustment. Be warned that if you use a cock with a wide or thick base, you’ll most likely end up with some bruising in your pelvic region the next day (totally worth it).

The RodeoH is as easy to take off as it is to get on (seriously, I’m so happy to be rid of all those straps), and it can go right in the laundry with all your other, less advanced undies. Functional and discreet! ALSO (and this is a big “also” for me), it’s perfect for pack and play. I found that wearing it under a pair of regular boxers is pretty damn effective and doesn’t give you that infamous “pitching a tent” look. The material is stretchy enough that you can actually turn your cock down so the shaft is against your leg and only the base sticks out. When it’s time for the “play” portion of the evening, just move that sucker back up and you’re golden. Boom.

I only have one very personal gripe with the RodeoH boxer. Because of the aforementioned higher O-ring, it’s pretty difficult to get off while wearing it. There just isn’t much friction happening in the area where friction is most needed. Rumor has it that RodeoH is working on a design with extra room for a small bullet vibe, so mayhaps that will be a solution to this problem.

All in all, I would give the RodeoH boxer an 8.5 out of 10*. This is an extremely cool product that is friendly to all sorts of different queer body types and gender expressions. It’s also very affordable and comes in lotsa colors, so I may just need to start stocking up.

Have any of you out there in Cyberland had experience with RodeoH’s products? Don’t be shy, now – I’d love to hear all about your adventures right below in the comments section/sextion!

*Please note that those numbers don’t actually mean anything; I thought this review needed to seem more legit and numbers (especially numbers with decimal points) always add an air of importance.