Proof That I Am Not Dead, Just Bad At Time Management

Hark! The Prodigal Butch has returned! Dear readers (if I still have any left), I am all kinds of sorry for not updating in two whole weeks (though, maybe, we could just say this post is very fashionably late?), but life just kind of exploded – not in the bad, IED way, but in the holy-moley-so-much-to-do way. I’ve been busy! Just, you know, not busy writing for my own blog. That will change! I pinky swear it, and I don’t take pinky swears lightly. You’ll get a real, bona fide post – in which I’ll tell of my trials and tribulations in suit shopping – real soon. In the meanwhile, here’s some evidence that I haven’t actually been spending the past two weeks on a beach in Cancun with tiny umbrella-adorned beverages and a team of dedicated Cabana girls:

The first ever meeting of ButchBoi Life was this past Sunday and guys, it was a great success! We had over 20 attendees, which was like three times the amount I had thought would show up (low expectations = the secret to success). BBL really is the only group of its kind in this area, which definitely helped boost the numbers; the second nearest butch social group I know of is in NYC. Our discussions covered a wide range of topics, including coming out to your family as a butch/stud/boi, butch-femme relations, haircuts, dealing with street harassment, and how to be a gentleman. Timeless stuff.

I was stoked to meet so many new people and engage in some good ol’-fashioned lesbian over-analyzing, and I loved how enthusiastic everybody was. But the best part, I think, was how diverse our group was. There were so many races, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and ages present, which never friggin’ happens in the absurdly segregated Boston queer scene. Afterwards, we all went out to dinner at the delicious Redbones, because that’s just how we roll (covered in BBQ sauce). If you’re in the Boston area and like being surrounded by awesome butches (you know you do), I hope to see you at our next meeting! We even have an official Facebook page now, for “liking” purposes. Check it out for details on upcoming meetings/dinners/events/general debauchery.

Also, I did a guest post! It’s for the fantastic Butchlesque blog. If you’re in Florida and want to see a bunch of butches on stage, this is the place to be. Apparently they have a Single Femmes table, which I really wish would become a thing at every queer venue. Anywho, I Twittersourced questions from femmes about the mysterious Ways of the Butch and posted my sage responses. If any of you lovely ladies out there have a butch-related inquiry that I didn’t cover yet, send it my way – I’ll be doing a part two.


See how productive I’ve been? You can’t even be mad.


4 thoughts on “Proof That I Am Not Dead, Just Bad At Time Management

  1. OMG, you live in Boston and there’s a meet-up group. I am so there. And I promise that in person I am not in any way creepy or unnervingly over-enthusiastic. I just moved to Somerville last fall and I have been wishing so hard for some bros…

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