A Holiday Teese

Ho ho holy crap, it’s only three days ’til Christmas! When the hell did that happen?? Probably while I was engulfed in a twister of end-of-year projects, articles, shopping, planning, drinking, and all the Really Important Stuff that made me too busy to give you guys a decent post this week. ‘Tis the season for excuses

But before I hop on the Peter Pan Bus to Springfield (AKA the Ghetto Express) and a weekend with the family (wish me luck), I’m going to leave you all with an early present. I take absolutely zero credit for this, as it is the creation of the wonderful la.donna.pietra. Inspired by the ever-multiplying Ryan Gosling Hey Girl Tumblrs and the dykier Kristen Stewart version, here’s the lovely Dita Von Teese (my celeb crush) with a very special message:

Think she'll fit in my stocking?

Queery Christmas and Happy Homodays to all! See you next week!


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