The Beaver Whisperer and the Mythological Tiger Butch

Q: I am a femme just coming out and I am only attracted to butches. I may soon date one of the two butches I am talking to now.

With both of them, I have talked about being intimate, because this will be my first time and I want to find out what they may like or not. Because from what I have learned is that some butches do not like to be touched at all when being intimate.

So I asked one if she likes to be on the top or bottom and if she like to be touched. She said she likes the top and that she wants to make love to me. So I think she does not like being touched, she just wants to give me pleasure. She also refers to herself as my TIGER; I wonder what can I expect from a (tiger) butch.

Now the other butch said she likes to have oral sex did to her; that is how far our talk was and I do not know what else she may like, but I will find out before the first kiss. She turns me on so much that I think if we started to have a relationship and she kisses me I don’t know what will happen next. I found it interesting that one butch just wants to give and one wants to give and receive. I have not asked them if they use a strap-on, but I hope so. They both know that this will be my first time being intimate with another woman. Thank you – sorry I wrote so much.  I know the question my sound strange, but I just was wondering how would this type of person may be when making love.

A: Hi there! I’m so pleased that after what I’m sure were some severe Google woes, you decided to come to me, the Beaver Whisperer (AKA The Expert On Just About Everything). Unfortunately, I’m not going to be much help. 

After spending a lot of time poring over tomes of arcane information on the elusive and oft-times considered mythological beaver and even contacting beaverphiles in several exotic locales, I was still unable to come across another living being who had ever heard mention of a tiger beaver, ahem, tiger butch. You’ve got yourself quite the exotic specimen!

If your tiger butch has told you that she wants to be on top (is a top? they’re different) and wants to make love to you, well, I can’t give you any more information than that. I would caution you, however, that just because she’s said that she wants to make love to you, this doesn’t mean that she won’t want to be touched. You can talk to her about this directly or just take things slowly when the time comes and watch and listen to her for clues as to what’s ok and what she wants. Good luck!

If we have any tiger butch readers out there, please, comment! School me on what a tiger butch identity means. I’m intensely curious.


9 thoughts on “The Beaver Whisperer and the Mythological Tiger Butch

  1. It definitely sounds like you have a good communication with both!

    Instead of asking what they like–why not ask what they don’t like: “do you have any boundaries or things you don’t like?”

    Most Butches have thought this through carefully and will be happy both to answer your question and that you were thoughtful enough to ask.

    I’d like to caution you against making any decisions (solely) based on their answers though.
    Having been with women from versatile to stone, with & without straps, I can tell you that sex with a stone butch can be as amazing as any other sex. Its really all about the energy between you

    Don’t knock it before you try it, that’s all I’m saying^_~

    • yep, ask the butch! That’s my advice, and I’m stickin’ to it!

      And Justa, you’re absolutely right! If our querent doesn’t base her choice solely on sexual expectations, she might be pleasantly surprised! Of course, even if she does, she could still be pleasantly (or not so pleasantly) surprised!

  2. I just had to write – as I’ve recently stumbed across your blog – because I so enjoy your posts! Thanks for giving me something new to read daily (or…as often as you post. ;))

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