Ask Your BFFs (Butch-Femme Friends): A Good Idea, Or the Best Idea?

Happy Tuesday, AKA Gleeseasonfinaleday, queerborhood! I come bearing Earth-shaking news. Nope, it’s not the Rapture (that party got rescheduled). It’s a BRAND NEW feature on Buzz Cuts and Bustiers! So much better than the world blowing up, amirite?

This is a little thing we like to call Ask Your BFFs (Butch-Femme Friends). (Maddie is the champion of Naming Things, hands down). It’s like Dear Abby, except so much gayer. Here’s how it works:

  1. You’re all like, “Man, I don’t understand/have always wondered about/am confused by/need help with/am totally turned on by this thing related to butch/femme/butch-femme life. IF ONLY SOMEONE COULD GIVE ME ADVICE/ANSWER MY QUESTIONS/GO ON A DATE WITH ME*!”
  2. You post your quandary in the comment section here, tweet it at us or, if you want some more anonymity, email it to me at
  3. We come to your rescue with our Lesbian Sensei wisdom/humor/sex appeal.

Sound good? Sound GREAT? That’s what we thought! So ask away, dear readers – we can’t wait to be your queeroes!

*We won’t actually do this one – OR WILL WE?


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